Then said Almitra, Speak to us of Love.

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I was satisfied with haiku until I met you,
but now I want a Russian novel,
a 50-page description of you sleeping.
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i don’t know how to not curse

i’ll mean to say, “ooh, this is pretty” and it will come out as THIS IS THE NICEST FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY WHOLE GODDAMN LIFE

it’s a problem

Me. Except okay, I totally know how not to curse if the situation requires it. But honestly where’re the fun in that?  :D

Ditto. I’m usually capable of controlling myself when I need to. But sometimes the eff bomb slips out where it shouldn’t and then my mother calls me “trashy.” 

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“One of the most difficult things to say to another person is, I hope that you will love me for no good reason. But it is what we all want and rarely dare to say to one another – to our children, to our parents and mates, to our friends, and to strangers… no matter who we are to one another and who we are not.”

-Russell Banks

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dear goodness, this woman is stunning. 
I have this hat!